About The Lunaologist

Hello and welcome to The Lunaologist, a website with information about the full moon and new moons with interesting facts about the special moon dates that have happened or will happen in the future.

A new moon is the first lunar phase that happens about once a month or, 29.53 days on average. The moon itself is not visible though you may be able to “see” it because it blocks the visibility of the stars behind it.

Why create the schedules of new and full moon dates?

I’ve always been interested in the moon, the absurd things that happen during the full moon. Coincidence or the result of the moon’s effect on the Earth? My late father’s hobby was astronomy and I’m still fascinated by the topic. All the years later I stare up at the moon and stars in the evening, looking for familiar constellations. And for the new moon despite it being a darker night, it is also an inspiration to take a new start or path. 

When you live coastally, the dates of the new and full moons are worth keeping an eye on, especially when there’s a big storm coming. The tides rise higher during those times.

So The Lunaologist is here for your information and entertainment purposes. I do my best to keep it accurate, and if you notice anything strange, please don’t hesitate to drop me a note.

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