Harvest Moon Calendars 1900 to 2100

The full moon closest to the Autumnal Equinox is given the Harvest Moon nickname. Depending on how the calendar aligns, the harvest moon will be in either September or October, and either be the last Summer Full Moon or the first full Moon of Autumn.

Watercolor of the moon on a starry background for the Full Harvest Moon Dates from 1900 to 2100

The dates and times provided by NASA for the United States (USA) Eastern Standard Time (EST) and Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) timezones. Also below is the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) time for reference. This was previously referred to as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Since your local timezone may be different, the exact dates may shift for your calendar.

Harvest Moon Calendar, Dates of the Full Moon 1900 to 2100

Each year there is a harvest moon in either September or October, depending on how the full moon aligns to the autumnal equinox.

Harvest Moons 1900 to 1909

The harvest moons in 1900 to 1909 were on:

YearDateSeasonUS Eastern TimeUTC Time
1900Sunday, September 9, 1900Summer12:06 AM EST5:06 AM UTC
1901Saturday, September 28, 1901Autumn12:36 AM EST5:36 AM UTC
1902Wednesday, September 17, 1902Summer1:23 PM EST6:23 PM UTC
1903Tuesday, October 6, 1903Autumn10:23 AM EST3:23 PM UTC
1904Saturday, September 24, 1904Autumn12:50 PM EST5:50 PM UTC
1905Wednesday, September 13, 1905Summer1:10 PM EST6:10 PM UTC
1906Tuesday, October 2, 1906Autumn7:48 AM EST12:48 PM UTC
1907Saturday, September 21, 1907Summer4:34 PM EST9:34 PM UTC
1908Thursday, September 10, 1908Summer7:23 AM EST12:23 PM UTC
1909Wednesday, September 29, 1909Autumn8:05 AM EST1:05 PM UTC

Harvest Moons 1910 to 1919

The harvest moons in 1910 to 1919 were on:

YearDateSeasonUS Eastern TimeUTC Time
1910Sunday, September 18, 1910Summer11:52 PM EST4:52 AM UTC
(September 19)
1911Saturday, October 7, 1911Autumn11:11 PM EST4:11 AM UTC
(October 8)
1912Thursday, September 26, 1912 Autumn6:34 AM EST11:34 AM UTC
1913Monday, September 15, 1913Summer7:46 AM EST12:46 PM UTC
1914Sunday, October 4, 1914Autumn12:59 AM EST5:59 AM UTC
1915Thursday, September 23, 1915Summer4:35 AM EST9:35 AM UTC
1916Monday, September 11, 1916Summer3:30 PM EST8:30 PM UTC
1917Sunday, September 30, 1917Autumn3:31 PM EST8:31 PM UTC
1918Friday, September 20, 1918 Summer9:00 AM EDT1:00 PM UTC
1919Tuesday, September 9, 1919 Summer11:54 PM EDT3:54 AM UTC
(September 10)

Harvest Moons 1920 to 1929

The harvest moons in 1920 to 1929 were on:

YearDateSeasonUS Eastern TimeUTC Time
1920Monday, September 27, 1920Autumn9:56 PM EDT1:56 AM UTC
(September 28)
1921Saturday, September 17, 1921Summer3:20 AM EDT7:20 AM UTC
1922Thursday, October 5, 1922Autumn7:58 PM EST12:58 AM UTC
(October 6)
1923Monday, September 24, 1923Autumn9:16 PM EDT1:16 AM UTC
(September 25)
1924Saturday, September 13, 1924Summer3:00 AM EDT7:00 AM UTC
1925Friday, October 2, 1925Autumn12:23 AM EST5:23 AM UTC
1926Tuesday, September 21, 1926Summer4:19 PM EDT8:19 PM UTC
1927Sunday, September 11, 1927Summer 8:54 AM EDT12:54 PM UTC
1928Saturday. September 29, 1928Autumn8:42 AM EDT12:42 PM UTC
1929Wednesday, September 18, 1929Summer7:16 PM EDT11:16 PM UTC

Harvest Moons 1930 to 1939

The harvest moons in 1930 to 1939 were on:

YearDateSeasonUS Eastern TimeUTC Time
1930Tuesday, October 7, 1930Autumn1:55 PM EST6:55 PM UTC
1931Saturday, September 26, 1931Autumn3:45 PM EDT7:45 PM UTC
1932Wednesday, September 14, 1932Summer5:06 PM EDT9:06 PM UTC
1933Tuesday, October 3, 1933Autumn12:08 PM EST5:08 PM UTC
1934Sunday, September 23, 1934Summer12:19 AM EDT4:19 AM UTC
1935Thursday, September 12, 1935Summer4:18 PM EDT8:18 PM UTC
1936Wednesday, September 30, 1936Autumn4:01 PM EST9:01 PM UTC
1937Monday, September 20, 1937Summer7:32 AM EDT11:32 AM UTC
1938Friday, September 9, 1938Summer4:08 PM EDT8:08 PM UTC
1939Thursday, September 28, 1939Autumn9:27 AM EST2:27 PM UTC

Harvest Moons 1940 to 1949

The harvest moons in 1940 to 1949 were on:

YearDateSeasonUS Eastern TimeUTC Time
1940Monday, September 16, 1940Summer10:41 AM EDT2:41 PM UTC
1941Sunday, October 5, 1941Autumn3:32 AM EST8:32 AM UTC
1942Thursday, September 24, 1942Autumn10:34 AM EDT2:34 PM UTC
1943Monday, September 13, 1943Summer11:39 PM EDT3:39 AM UTC
(September 14)
1944Monday, October 2, 1944Autumn12:22 AM EDT4:22 AM UTC
1945Friday, September 21, 1945Summer4:45 PM EDT8:45 PM UTC
1946Wednesday, September 11, 1946Summer5:59 AM EDT9:59 AM UTC
1947Tuesday, September 30, 1947Autumn1:41 AM EST 6:41 AM UTC
1948Saturday, September 18, 1948Summer5:43 AM EDT9:43 AM UTC
1949Thursday, October 6, 1949Autumn9:53 PM EST2:53 AM UTC
(October 7)

Harvest Moons 1950 to 1959

The harvest moons in 1950 to 1959 were on:

YearDateSeasonUS Eastern TimeUTC Time
1950Monday, September 25, 1950Autumn11:21 PM EST4:21 AM UTC
(September 26)
1951Saturday, September 15, 1951Summer8:38 AM EDT12:38 PM UTC
1952Friday, October 3, 1952Autumn7:15 AM EST12:15 PM UTC
1953Wednesday, September 23, 1953Summer12:16 AM EDT4:16 AM UTC
1954Sunday, September 12, 1954Summer4:20 PM EDT8:20 PM UTC
1955Saturday, October 1, 1955Autumn3:17 PM EDT7:17 PM UTC
1956Wednesday, September 19, 1956Summer11:19 PM EDT3:19 AM UTC
(September 20)
1957Monday, September 9, 1957Summer12:55 AM EDT4:55 AM UTC
1958Saturday, September 27, 1958Autumn5:44 PM EDT9:44 PM UTC
1959Wednesday, September 16, 1959Summer8:52 PM EDT12:52 AM UTC
(September 17)

Harvest Moons 1960 to 1969

The harvest moons in 1960 to 1969 were on:

YearDateSeasonUS Eastern TimeUTC Time
1960Tuesday, October 4, 1960Autumn6:16 PM EDT10:16 PM UTC
1961Sunday, September 24, 1961Autumn7:33 AM EDT11:33 AM UTC
1962Friday, September 14, 1962Summer12:11 AM EDT4:11 AM UTC
1963Thursday, October 3, 1963Autumn12:44 AM EDT4:44 AM UTC
1964Monday, September 21, 1964Summer1:31 PM EDT5:31 PM UTC
1965Friday, September 10, 1965 Summer7:32 PM EDT11:32 PM UTC
1966Thursday, September 29, 1966 Autumn12:47 PM EDT4:47 PM UTC
1967Monday, September 18, 1967 Summer1:00 PM EDT5:00 PM UTC
1968Sunday, October 6, 1968 Autumn7:46 AM EDT11:46 AM UTC
1969Thursday, September 25, 1969Autumn4:21 PM EDT8:21 PM UTC

Harvest Moons 1970 to 1979

The harvest moons in 1970 to 1979 were on:

YearDateSeasonUS Eastern TimeUTC Time
1970Tuesday, September 15, 1970Summer7:09 AM EDT11:09 AM UTC
1971Monday, October 4, 1971Autumn8:19 AM EDT12:19 PM UTC
1972Saturday, September 23, 1972Autumn12:07 AM EDT4:07 AM UTC
1973Wednesday, September 12, 1973Summer11:16 AM EDT3:16 PM UTC
1974Tuesday, October 1, 1974Autumn6:38 AM EDT10:38 AM UTC
1975Saturday, September 20, 1975Summer7:50 AM EDT11:50 AM UTC
1976Wednesday, September 8, 1976Summer8:52 AM EDT12:52 PM UTC
1977Tuesday, September 27, 1977Autumn4:17 AM EDT8:17 AM UTC
1978Saturday, September 16, 1978Summer3:01 PM EDT7:01 PM UTC
1979Friday, October 5, 1979Autumn3:35 PM EDT7:35 PM UTC

Harvest Moons 1980 to 1989

The harvest moons in 1980 to 1989 were on:

YearDateSeasonUS Eastern TimeUTC Time
1980Wednesday, September 24, 1980Autumn8:08 AM EDT12:08 PM UTC
1981Sunday, September 13, 1981Summer11:09 PM EDT3:09 AM UTC
(September 14)
1982Saturday, October 2, 1982Autumn9:09 PM EDT1:09 AM UTC
(October 3)
1983Thursday, September 22, 1983Summer2:36 AM EDT6:36 AM UTC
1984Monday, September 10, 1984Summer3:01 AM EDT7:01 AM UTC
1985Saturday, September 28, 1985Autumn8:08 PM EDT12:08 AM UTC
(September 29)
1986Thursday, September 18, 1986Summer1:34 AM EDT5:34 AM UTC
1987Wednesday, October 7, 1987Autumn12:12 AM EDT4:12 AM UTC
1988Sunday, September 25, 1988Autumn3:07 PM EDT7:07 PM UTC
1989Friday, September 15, 1989Summer7:50 AM EDT11:50 AM UTC

Harvest Moons 1990 to 1999

The harvest moons in 1990 to 1999 were on:

YearDateSeasonUS Eastern TimeUTC Time
1990Thursday, October 4, 1990Autumn8:02 AM EDT12:02 PM UTC
1991Monday, September 23, 1991Autumn6:40 PM EDT10:40 PM UTC
1992Friday, September 11, 1992Summer10:17 PM EDT2:17 AM UTC
(September 12)
1993Thursday, September 30, 1993Autumn2:54 PM EDT6:54 PM UTC
1994Monday, September 19, 1994Summer4:00 PM EDT8:00 PM UTC
1995Friday, September 8, 1995Summer11:37 PM EDT3:37 AM UTC
(September 9)
1996Thursday, September 26, 1996Autumn10:51 PM EDT2:51 AM UTC
(September 27)
1997Tuesday, September 16, 1997Summer2:50 PM EDT6:50 PM UTC
1998Monday, October 5, 1998Autumn4:12 PM EDT8:12 PM UTC
1999Saturday, September 25, 1999Autumn6:51 AM EDT10:51 AM UTC

Harvest Moons 2000 to 2009

The harvest moons in 2000 to 2009 were on:

YearDateSeasonUS Eastern TimeUTC Time
2000Wednesday, September 13, 2000Summer3:37 PM EDT7:37 PM UTC
2001Tuesday, October 2, 2001Autumn9:49 AM EDT1:49 PM UTC
2002Saturday, September 21, 2002Summer9:59 AM EDT1:59 PM UTC
2003Wednesday, September 10, 2003Summer12:36 PM EDT4:36 PM UTC
2004Tuesday, September 28, 2004Autumn9:09 AM EDT1:09 PM UTC
2005Saturday, September 17, 2005Summer10:01 PM EDT2:01 AM UTC
(September 18)
2006Friday, October 6, 2006Autumn11:13 PM EDT3:13 AM UTC
(October 7)
2007Wednesday, September 26, 2007Autumn3:45 PM EDT7:45 PM UTC
2008Monday, September 15, 2008Summer5:13 AM EDT9:13 AM UTC
2009Sunday, October 4, 2009Autumn2:10 AM EDT6:10 AM UTC

Harvest Moons 2010 to 2019

The harvest moons in 2010 to 2019 were on:

YearDateSeasonUS Eastern TimeUTC Time
2010Thursday, September 23, 2010Autumn5:17 AM EDT9:17 AM UTC
2011Monday, September 12, 2011Summer5:27 AM EDT9:27 AM UTC
2012Saturday, September 29, 2012Autumn11:19 PM EDT3:19 AM UTC
(September 30)
2013Thursday, September 19, 2013Summer7:13 AM EDT11:13 AM UTC
2014Monday, September 8, 2014Summer9:38 PM EDT1:38 AM UTC
(September 9)
2015Sunday, September 27, 2015 Autumn10:50 PM EDT2:50 AM UTC
(September 28)
2016Friday, September 16, 2016Summer3:05 PM EDT7:05 PM UTC
2017Thursday, October 5, 2017Autumn2:40 PM EDT6:40 PM UTC
2018Monday, September 24, 2018Autumn10:53 PM EDT2:53 AM UTC
(September 25)
2019Saturday, September 14, 2019Summer12:33 AM EDT4:33 AM UTC

Harvest Moons 2020 to 2029

The harvest moons in 2020 to 2029 are:

YearDateSeasonUS Eastern TimeUTC Time
2020Thursday, October 1, 2020Autumn5:05 PM EDT9:05 PM UTC
2021Monday, September 20, 2021Summer7:55 PM EDT11:55 PM UTC
2022Saturday, September 10, 2022Summer5:59 AM EDT9:59 AM UTC
2023Friday, September 29, 2023Autumn5:57 AM EDT9:57 AM UTC
2024Tuesday, September 17, 2024Summer10:34 PM EDT2:34 AM UTC
(September 18)
2025Monday, October 6, 2025Autumn11:48 PM EDT3:48 AM UTC
(October 7)
2026Saturday, September 26, 2026Autumn12:49 PM EDT4:49 PM UTC
2027Wednesday, September 15, 2027Summer7:04 PM EDT 11:04 PM UTC
2028Tuesday, October 3, 2028Autumn12:25 PM EDT4:25 PM UTC
2029Saturday, September 22, 2029Summer12:29 PM EDT4:29 PM UTC

Harvest Moons 2030 to 2039

The harvest moons in 2030 to 2039 will be on:

YearDateSeasonUS Eastern TimeUTC Time
2030Wednesday, September 11, 2030Summer5:18 PM EDT9:18 PM UTC
2031Tuesday, September 30, 2031Autumn2:58 PM EDT6:58 PM UTC
2032Sunday, September 19, 2032Summer5:30 AM EDT9:30 AM UTC
2033Thursday, September 8, 2033Summer10:20 PM EDT2:20 AM UTC
(September 9)
2034Wednesday, September 27, 2034Autumn10:57 PM EDT2:57 AM UTC
(September 28)
2035Monday, September 17, 2035Summer10:23 AM EDT2:23 PM UTC
2036Sunday, October 5, 2036Autumn6:15 AM EDT10:15 AM UTC
2037Thursday, September 24, 2037Autumn7:32 AM EDT11:32 AM UTC
2038Monday, September 13, 2038Summer8:24 AM EDT12:24 PM UTC
2039Sunday, October 2, 2039Autumn3:23 AM EDT7:23 AM UTC

Harvest Moons 2040 to 2049

The harvest moons in 2040 to 2049 will be on:

YearDateSeasonUS Eastern TimeUTC Time
2040Thursday, September 20, 2040Summer1:43 PM EDT5:43 PM UTC
2041Tuesday, September 10, 2041Summer5:24 AM EDT9:24 AM UTC
2042Monday, September 29, 2042Autumn6:34 AM EDT10:34 AM UTC
2043Friday, September 18, 2043Summer9:47 PM EDT1:47 AM UTC
(September 19)
2044Thursday, October 6, 2044Autumn8:30 PM EDT12:30 AM UTC
(October 7)
2045Tuesday, September 26, 2045 Autumn2:12 AM EDT6:12 AM UTC
2046Saturday, September 15, 2046Summer2:39 AM EDT6:39 AM UTC
2047Thursday, October 3, 2047Autumn7:42 PM EDT11:42 PM UTC
2048Tuesday, September 22, 2048Summer12:46 AM EDT4:46 AM UTC
2049Saturday, September 11, 2049Summer1:04 PM EDT5:04 PM UTC

Harvest Moons 2050 to 2059

The harvest moons in 2050 to 2059 will be on:

YearDateSeasonUS Eastern TimeUTC Time
2050Friday, September 30, 2050Autumn1:31 PM EDT5:31 PM UTC
2051Wednesday, September 20, 2051Summer6:11 AM EDT10:11 AM UTC
2052Sunday, September 8, 2052Summer8:15 PM EDT12:15 AM UTC
(September 9)
2053Saturday, September 27, 2053Autumn5:50 PM EDT9:50 PM UTC
2054Wednesday, September 16, 2054Summer9:41 PM EDT1:41 AM UTC
(September 17)
2055Tuesday, October 5, 2055Autumn2:38 PM EDT6:38 PM UTC
2056Saturday, September 23, 2056Autumn3:34 PM EDT7:34 PM UTC
2057Wednesday, September 12, 2057Summer10:53 PM EDT2:53 AM UTC
(September 13)
2058Tuesday, October 1, 2058Autumn9:36 PM EDT1:36 AM UTC
(October 2)
2059Sunday, September 21, 2059Summer1:18 PM EDT5:18 PM UTC

Harvest Moons 2060 to 2069

The harvest moons in 2060 to 2069 will be on:

YearDateSeasonUS Eastern TimeUTC Time
2060Friday, September 10, 2060Summer5:43 AM EDT9:43 AM UTC
2061Thursday, September 29, 2061Autumn5:32 AM EDT9:32 AM UTC
2062Monday, September 18, 2062Summer2:36 PM EDT6:36 PM UTC
2063Sunday, October 7, 2063Autumn9:27 AM EDT1:27 PM UTC
2064Thursday, September 25, 2064Autumn9:38 AM EDT1:38 PM UTC
2065Monday, September 14, 2065Summer12:05 PM EDT4:05 PM UTC
2066Sunday, October 3, 2066Autumn8:25 AM EDT12:25 PM UTC
2067Thursday, September 22, 2067Autumn8:54 PM EDT12:54 AM UTC
(September 23)
2068Tuesday, September 11, 2068Summer1:19 PM EDT5:19 PM UTC
2069Monday, September 30, 2069Autumn2:09 PM EDT6:09 PM UTC

Harvest Moons 2070 to 2079

The harvest moons in 2070 to 2079 will be on:

YearDateSeasonUS Eastern TimeUTC Time
2070Saturday, September 20, 2070Summer3:47 AM EDT7:47 AM UTC
2071Wednesday, September 9, 2071Summer10:51 AM EDT2:51 PM UTC
2072Tuesday, September 27, 2072Autumn4:43 AM EDT8:43 AM UTC
2073Saturday, September 16, 2073Summer4:52 AM EDT8:52 AM UTC
2074Thursday, October 4, 2074Autumn10:55 PM EDT2:55 AM UTC
(October 5)
2075Tuesday, September 24, 2075Autumn6:31 AM EDT10:31 AM UTC
2076Saturday, September 12, 2076Summer8:38 PM EDT12:38 AM UTC
(September 13)
2077Friday, October 1, 2077Autumn9:20 PM EDT1:20 AM UTC
(October 2)
2078Wednesday, September 21, 2078Summer1:31 PM EDT5:31 PM UTC
2079Monday, September 11, 2079Summer1:36 AM EDT5:36 AM UTC

Harvest Moons 2080 to 2089

The harvest moons in 2080 to 2089 will be on:

YearDateSeasonUS Eastern TimeUTC Time
2080Saturday, September 28, 2080Autumn9:54 PM EDT1:54 AM UTC
(September 29)
2081Wednesday, September 17, 2081Summer11:46 PM EDT3:46 AM UTC
(September 18)
2082Tuesday, October 6, 2082Autumn4:48 PM EDT8:48 PM UTC
2083Saturday, September 25, 2083Autumn7:25 PM EDT11:25 PM UTC
2084Thursday, September 14, 2084Summer5:15 AM EDT9:15 AM UTC
2085Wednesday, October 3, 2085Autumn4:53 AM EDT8:53 AM UTC
2086Sunday, September 22, 2086Autumn9:15 PM EDT1:15 AM UTC
(September 23)
2087Friday, September 12, 2087Summer12:43 PM EDT4:43 PM UTC
2088Thursday, September 30, 2088Autumn11:25 AM EDT3:25 PM UTC
2089Monday, September 19, 2089Summer5:55 PM EDT9:55 PM UTC

Harvest Moons 2090 to 2100

The harvest moons in 2090 to 2100 will be on:

YearDateSeasonUS Eastern TimeUTC Time
2090Friday, September 8, 2090Summer6:45 PM EDT10:45 PM UTC
2091Thursday, September 27, 2091Autumn11:56 AM EDT3:56 PM UTC
2092Monday, September 15, 2092Summer4:33 PM EDT8:33 PM UTC
2093Sunday, October 4, 2093Autumn2:18 PM EDT6:18 PM UTC
2094Friday, September 24, 2094 Autumn4:33 AM EDT8:33 AM UTC
2095Tuesday, September 13, 2095 Autumn9:11 PM EDT1:11 AM UTC
(September 14)
2096Monday, October 1, 2096Summer9:24 PM EDT1:24 AM UTC
(October 2)
2097Saturday, September 21, 2097Autumn9:00 AM EDT1:00 PM UTC
2098Wednesday, September 10, 2098Summer1:33 PM EDT5:33 PM UTC
2099Tuesday, September 29, 2099 Autumn6:45 AM EDT10:45 AM UTC
2100Saturday, September 18, 2100 Summer7:32 AM EDT11:32 AM UTC
Watercolor of the moon on a starry background for the Full Harvest Moon Dates from 1900 to 2100